Connect My Car is a well-established online platform that has been trading since 2005. Connect My Car sell and fit various vehicle accessories. From Dash Cams to car trackers.

Project Details

Connect My Car

eCommerce Website Build

1 Month

Approx Cost:

Seamless eCommerce Website

Connect My Car approached us as they needed to update their dated website, the website no longer covered their needs. They were looking for the ability to sell their various products within lots of different categories and also offer fitting services for products bought from the website and also products had bought themselves.

We had various meetings to discuss user-friendly layouts and easy check-out systems. The website is now easy to navigate through on both mobile and desktop. It has various card payment options. And the ability to select fitting with all purchases.

The CMS (content management system) is easy to use and is easy to add new products to in minutes. We offered the CMC team training so they were able to manage the website from their end.